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|~Hug Me To The Skies~| |~Hug Me To The Skies~|

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Girls who make out with dogs are not cute

Dearest Mr. Valentine-

I would just like to point out that this movie doesn't feature a love triangle. A love triangle is when three people are romantically interested in each other in such a way that includes all three of them. What you have here is a movie about a couple of people that are romantically involved, and a stalker who doesn't know when "no" means "no", and will go to absurd lengths to prove her sick and demented
"love". In a sane world, this would be a horrifying character already, but no, you had to take it a step further, and introduce bestiality into the equation. There is no rationalization - she frenched a dog. SHE FRENCHED A DOG. "Oh, but he was actually a dude!" you say, but no, that does not excuse it. She played tonsil hockey with the little guy BEFORE this fact was made clear, which means that she was FULLY WILLING TO PHYSICALLY LOVE A DOG.

You sir, are the devil, and I salute you. 10 stars.

Earthquake Girl Earthquake Girl

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well done, if a bit pretentious

I really liked how stylized this cartoon was, and how you kept to your typical drawing style despite the fact that you were doing a lot of frame by frame work here- and hell, I like how it was animated for that matter.

My only qualm is with the plot. Or rather, how you treat it. As far as I see it, earthquake girl gets the order from the wealthy dude in charge of the architecture firm to start blowing shit up, and then she does it. She's insane, a force of nature unrestrained by reason- hence "earthquake girl" as a title for the movie. Then, after she's finished destroying the whole city, we see that the whole thing was orchestrated by this evil rich bastard who "loves his money" and who intends on profiting from this cataclysm. The message (and of course, I could be missing something here) is simple: rich people are evil and will do anything for money, even going so far as to be complicit, or even support, the loss of many human lives in order to make a profit.

I like this message. I agree with it. the only thing that bothers me here is the fact that you seem to obscure this message on purpose, devoting the majority of the movie to senseless violence and a string of red herrings which draw the attention away from the key plot points. Not only does this diminish the quality of the message, the moral of the story, as you put it, it makes you seem like you're just trying to show off, trying to make your movie seem more "deep" by making it hard to read into.

Whatever, regardless of my rather minor complaint, I love this movie, and I'd love to see you do some more long-term complicated animation like this in the future.

PiGPEN responds:

It was first and foremost animation practice so the story section of it had to take a backseat....but the fact thats it there at all shows i care <3. And the fact that its harder to get doesnt make it any deeper than it is but it does show that some people care enough to figure it out (like you <3). Also i linked the setting to a real life event (the name and flag are clues) for people who like to figure stuff out and learn crazy like that.

And i have started Morphemon Ep2 which will be animated more like this then its predecessor.

Erik the Juiceman MikeEp8 Erik the Juiceman MikeEp8

Rated 5 / 5 stars

An excellent conclusion to an awesome series.

First off, I am very proud to have had a part in this, the animation of my favorite flash series. I'm glad John let me donate some work.

Funny jokes, great voice acting, well animated, well drawn. You really have improved on your frame by frame work. It's madhouse shit in this one. If you don't get frontage for this, it's an ABOMINATION.

That's it. Rock on! Erik the Juiceman forever!

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Newgrounds SIM v 1.2 Newgrounds SIM v 1.2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Incredibly addictive!

I found myself playing this for hours after the initial download until I had reached every objective (except turd of the week, which, try as I might, I cannot get!) Very fun, clever concept, and overall a very nice game. Congrats!